Sunday 29 January 2012

Learning the Mayan Way

After sailing by several volcanoes this morning we arrived in a small Mayan community by boat. As we stepped ashore we were greeted by community members who lined a cobblestone street. They were gathered to meet Nobel Laureate Jody Williams and to show her and us their community school. Our visit began with a sacred Mayan ceremony around a fire where we and the other women in the delegation lit candles to bless the Earth and the community. We were then treated to demonstrations of weaving, carpentry, dancing and traditional foods. Understanding the Mayan way of life is essential for us so that we can document all of the reasons mining is offensive to some of them.
We are both impressed by Nobel Laureate Jody Williams who is down to earth, a fierce activist and an awesome role model.
Stay tuned for highlights from our sit down interview tomorrow morning with Jody Williams.
Over and out