Wednesday 25 January 2012

The Production Begins

We are only a day away from officially starting production of the documentary!
Pre-production was an experience for all three of us. We obtained the initial funding to see us through production (thank you VERY VERY much to those who contributed), and we dealt with all of the, well – some would say – boring business aspects of the project (insurance, contracts, equipment, project strategy, shot/photo-shoot list, etc.). These are non-glamorous but essential to the project. Now that we’ve slogged through them, the adventure is about to begin and Rachel and Adele are planning to bring you along for the ride.

The project will begin with the crew joining the Nobel Women’s Initiative Delegation in Guatemala City, to highlight violence against women in Central America. They will also meet Mayan Women and discuss Canadian Mining Companies and human rights violations (specifically, sexual violence against women.) Our goal is to allow these women a voice, giving them an equal opportunity to tell their side of the story. Corporations usually have budgets for media. Small communities usually do not.

Normally, as an Executive Producer, the expectation would be that I stay in the background and just deal with the “business” aspects of the project. In this instance, I want to speak up. As a businesswoman, I believe you can pursue success, but also maintain ethical business standards. I know in today’s world (or today’s media – take your pick) ethics and business seem at polar opposites. Businesses do exist that are successful and maintain ethical standards. Unfortunately, there are also businesses that go against those ethical standards. When they do, they should be held accountable.

That is what make’s these Mayan Women so brave – they are choosing to take this stand. They are choosing to hold business and governments accountable.

Please join me in supporting Rachel and Adele as they make this trip and the Mayan women as they tell their story. I suspect it’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth the effort.
Lee K. Toepfer