Saturday 10 March 2012

Hot Docs Bound!

Exciting news......Lee and I will be attending Hot Docs in Toronto the first week of May ( with filmmakers, broadcasters, commissioning editors and producers from around the world. We hope to land some meetings with these folks to market our film and find additional funding for post. We have registered for the 'Forum' at Hot Docs which is a two day, limited seating event where filmmakers and producers pitch their films in front of a huge round table of programming executives and editors. It is an intense experience for the people pitching and a great learning opportunity for us. Stay tuned for our live blog posts from Hot Docs.

In other news, I was asked to write a short article about our film in a women's magazine in Guatemala called 'Amiga', and several of our photographs have been used by our partners on the ground. Adele has some contacts with galleries in Vancouver and Chilliwack and she will be working on organizing a fundraiser for the film in June. Lee has been working hard to secure more interviews and raise funds. 

I have now converted and logged all of the footage and it is stored on three hard drives. Now we can all watch the footage and start weaving the story together. An editor will be joining our team to help us cut a preview for all of you and our meetings at Hot Docs. 

Cheers, Rachel