Wednesday 2 May 2012

Day 3 at Hot Docs

Blogging live today from Hot Docs Forum. Above is what the pitch table looked like when we arrived this morning, but now the room is packed and focused on the filmmakers and producers sitting at the head of the table taking their best shot to make a deal. Each team has 7 minutes to make their pitch and then a few minutes to answer questions from the broadcasters and editors around the table. Inspiring and exciting to watch but not sure how many people are getting real deals.

Film production is a tough sell in the current economic climate and there are many talented filmmakers vying for the same funds. A Cuban hat is being passed around the crowd for donations and the best pitch today will receive a cash award. We put our business cards in for the 'wild card' pick but didn't get chosen today, so we will try again tomorrow. We have been networking and speaking with as many people as possible and have gotten some good leads for Defensora.