Defensora DVD - Domestic Shipping (US and CAN)

Defensora DVD - International Shipping
6kidsProductions and Girl Edge Films are pleased to announce that Individual, Educational and Multiple Community Screening DVDs are now available for purchase. Educational and Community DVDs come with Public Performance Rights (PPR) so libraries, universities, schools, galleries, churches, and nonprofit groups can screen the films for their students, congregations, and members.

1. What are Public Performance Rights?

Where applicable, Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow screenings of DVDs for educational purposes. PPR permit screenings in a classroom or library, or for a group outside the home when no admission is charged. PPR are included with DVDs purchased from this site and through the official film sites of the titles we represent only. Individual DVDs purchased from this website do NOT carry Public Performance Rights, and screening those DVDs for an audience is illegal.

2. What is the Difference Between Purchasing Educational and Multiple Community Screenings?

Educational DVDs allow groups to screen Defensora for educational purposes where no admission is charged like at a college or church.  Multiple Community Screening DVDs allow groups to collect DONATIONS at one or more screenings to cover the costs of renting venues, promotional materials, travel costs for speakers, or to help fund social justice and environmental work. If you have any questions, please contact

3. If you would like someone associated from the film to attend your screening please contact:

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